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I think football is a game of many different opinions and interpretations. The only truth is the result, the rest is just opinion. A ball could hit the post or go into the net and it changes so much in the careers of many of those involved, but it shouldn’t change our interpretation of what happened in the game. There is a lot up to destiny in the game and a lot that cannot be controlled, however the fun part for me is to try and understand the things that can be controlled.

My general understanding of the game is that there is a ball, two teams and two goals. The aim of every team is to limit space without the ball in order not to concede and create space with it in order to score. That’s all there is to it, really. Of course, there are many ways to attempt that and that’s why football is a game of endless opinions and interpretations.

In this website, I try to give my own analysis. I do Tactical Analysis – where I analyze tactical trends of different teams and coaches, Tactical Match Analysis where I analyze specific matches in details, and everything else in Football Analysis.

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